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re: insurance

> Steve wrote:
> >The insurance company has verbally told me they aren't responsible for
> >"contents", but I can't seem to locate that little provision in the OAP 1.
> >They say my home insurance covers that. Surprise, living in a steel doored
> >concrete high-rise, I don't have any. Although it seems they would cover it
> >if another vehicle was involved. Hmm

Ask your agent to file a claim regardless.  Agents are not the experts in
what's covered. BTDT.  Speak to the claims officer. Get the refusal from
the claims in writing, citing the specific exclusions. If it's not
specifically excluded, then it has to be covered.  Might also be dependant
on the type of coverage you had.  Here in MI, I believe that PL/PD
(Personal Liability and Property Damage, the minimum required) will not
cover contents but Comprehensive (everything else, except for vehicular
collisions) will.  I'm calling my agent anyway....

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