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Re: Where Defrost connector!!!

Hairy green toads from Mars made Todd Phenneger say:

> 	I still cant find it and it is snowing majorly here.  My
> Girlfriend is wringing my neck because she cant see out the back of the
> car.  Re Cap.  This is for REar BTW Car is 87' 4kq.  When turned on light
> comes on. SO Switch has power, Switch is sending power.  Power not getting
> to back window or side windows.

Don't be so sure about the switch.

My 100Q did this, it was the switch itself that was bad. These cars
do NOT use relays for the rear defroster power, the switch controls
all 30 or so amps, which kills the contacts. The light is on a
different wire, so it is not a true indicator of defroster power.

Can you swap the switch with one from another car? I did that,
and immediately found my problem.


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