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RE: busted timming pin

According to the machine shop they are too hard to drill. They are going to
have to go in from the back. There is only one pin and it is on the engine
side of the flywheel. They wouldn't lighten my flywheel for me, they said
that there was too much risk that it would be out of balance.


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	I replaced these pins on my ur-q when I had the flywheel lightened.
	pins are a standard size used on many japanese motorcyclyes, though
I got
	mine from Audi. It was a simple matter to drill-out the old ones and
	replace with the new.


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	Has anyone had to deal with a replacing the small pin on the
flywheel that
	is used for TDC location? Mine is busted and the machine shop says
it is
	hard to drill out. Yep Phil, I misread your instructions for
removing the
	crankshaft bolt. I also have to find a replacement pin. Any BTDT
would be
	appreciated. Problems that aren't simple are frustrating.