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No start 5tqw

	My 5tqw has developed a recent ailment.  I have had many Audis in the
past and never experienced this or been left stranded like today.  When
the car is stone cold, like overnight below freezing, it lights
immediately.  When you restart within 5 to 10 minutes,  no problem.  It
is everything in between where the problem lies.  The car just plain
won't start.  No fire, no sputter, just grind and grind away.  Not even
a hint of life.  Output test indicates the fuel pump, cold start,
frequency valve, etc are OK.  No fault codes pulled after the car is
run.  It is pretty cool here this time year, so under hood temps are
Any suggestions would be helpful.


Colin Hames
'86 5tqw - 118,000K