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'88 80q possible purchase

In the continuing saga to find an Audi for my younger brother, I came across
a '88 80q in the local paper today. I called up the owner (who BTW runs a
paintless dent removal company), and here are the details:

silver ext / grey interior
2nd owner (owned 3+ years, selling due to new car purchase)
no accidents (and probably no dents either :-))
recent timing belt / water pump / tensioners
newer tires and brakes
new state inspection
most service records
no rust
price is $3500 obo

Any 80/90 series owners out there with any pointers on what else to look at
when I go to have a look tomorrow? If the car checks out, I'd probably offer
in the $3k range. Does this sound ok (high / low). Also, the car has 137k on
the clock. How long are these NA 10V I5 engines good for, if properly
maintained? BTW, do the '88 80q's have painted bumpers, or are they the
unpainted grey ones (I've seen 80q's both ways)? TIA.

'92 100S (76k)