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Re: Silverline Bleeder

I'll agree with the comment below.  The MityVac just doesn't seem to
work very well because of air getting into the bleeder/hose junction. 
You could conceivably rig the silverline as a pressure bleeder by
finding a cap that you can use/mutilate, and a pressure gauge.

I've had better luck with one man bleeders from the local part store

I bought my MityVac for $10 less than what Imparts was selling it for at
the local parts store.

Has anyone looked into Eazy-Bleed (sp?) nipples?  The Porsche list a few
months back had a few people who tried these (basically a spring loaded
nipple with sealing ball in it) with success.  I don't know if they are
made for audi applications.

good luck!

Theodore R. Harlan wrote:
> Christopher Gharibo wrote:
> > I have a '91 Audi Coupe Quattro and a '98 A4.  I was wondering if the brake
> > bleeder set sold by Imparts (Mityvac, Silverline Automotive Kit P/N/ 4000)is
> > of any utility.
> >
> > Is this thing worth getting?
> >
> Bought it. Won't work for me as a one man bleeder. Air gets into the
> bleeder/hose junction. I tried many solutions, nothing worked for me. If you buy
> anyway, NAPA has the same exact kit. It may be cheaper for you there. No S&H,
> and Imparts has really screwed with their service. Overcharging, parts don't
> arrive when promised, wrong parts sent, etc.
> Have a nice day, fella.
> Ted Harlan