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Re: Timing belt advance one tooth - impressions.

In message <366E8B5E.B8D724FF@worldnet.att.net> ikessel@worldnet.att.net writes:

> > I'm not a good enough mechanic to do that myself, but my mechanic is te> lling me
> > that the marks on my flywheel are at the wrong place.
> ???? Never heard of such a case.

Neither have I.

However, it's pretty easy to check.  The flywheel mark corresponds to
TDC on cylinder #1.  Just whip out the plug, drop a stick down the hole,
and move the flywheel around either side of the mark.  If you get a
friend to sight over the top of the stick at a distant target, you'll
be _AMAZED_ at how sensitive the technique is.  With practice, you can
get the flywheel mark +/- 5mm - enough to verify that it's roughly

And if it's roughly correct, odds are it's _exactly_ correct.

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