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Re: foiled by critters

On Tue, 8 Dec 1998, Jeff Loh wrote:

> Any suggestions for an anti-chewable defense? Seems like "quattro-peds"
> like quattro cars.

Happened to me back in my droF days.  Especially in the winter, critters
like the warmth of the freshly-run engine to bask in and catch a quick nap
or dinner.  In my case, rats (BIG ONES.... shudders) decided it was a good
place to chow down.

1) Park with the nose of the car away from obstuctions such as fences and
walls.  This will make it so people can more easily walk by the engine bay
and scare critters.  Also, it can cool off the engine faster, making it
less attractive of a bachelor's pad for wayward rodentia.

2) Clean the ground and area around your car and car-port/bay.  Mine was
infested with leaves and various blown-by foilage that made a starting
point for said rodents.  The next obvious move was up the tire and into
the engine compartment 1 foot away.

3) Rat traps.

In my case, turning the car around really helped.  It was more exposed and
over clean concrete and in the sun more.  The other way it was pointed
into dark and dank areas where these critters rest.  Also, it pointed at a
fence that divided my car bay and a vegetable garden.  Bonus points there.

One more thought -- as I come from farm-land Iowa, it was always customary
to give the car a honk before starting.  Many cats on a friend's farm were
hurt or killed by getting caught in a running motor.  A quick toot will
scare 'em out.  Otherwise, it's their own fault.


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