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Re: Timing belt advance one tooth - impressions.

Martin Pajak wrote:

> It might not be official but it's there.There is a mark on the harmonic damper.  It
> can only go onto the t-belt pulley one way (four allen bolts).It's a small groove
> cut into the top of the last (closest to the engine) belt runner.
> There is two refrence marks to go with it.  One is pressed into the timing belt
> cover (lower one) and the other is a casting extension from the oil pump housing.
> If you look at the engine it's at about 1-2'o clock.
> It's not very accurate (like the flywheel) but for checking T-belt it's perfect.

Yes, the Bentley states that one can use it. I even filled its groove
(all three timing grooves on the engine for that matter) with the
Tornado Red touch up paint.
However in my observation of various Audi engines the accuracy of the
harmonic balancer mark referenced to the dimple on the timing belt cover
and to the edge of the casting on the oil pump housing leaves a lot to
be desired. That's why in my original post I recommended the marks on
the flywheel and on the inside of the cam sprocket.

Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros