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Critter warning/advice/BTDT

This talk of keeping small critters out of you car reminds me of
something that just happened to my parents car......

They are retired, so some times my Mom's Buick Regal sits for a day or
two while they drive the new Dorf truck around. Well, last time I
visited, my daughter and my fiancee's son were out in the adjoining corn
field picking up cobs of corn. For some unknown reason, they left some
full cobs sitting in the garage in the near vicinity of the tail pipe.
Couple days later, Mom starts up the car to go somewhere, gets out on
the road and steps on it, no power. She just barely managed to get it
back in the garage. Had the car towed in. Garage diagnosed bad cat
converter [we Audi V6 owners dread that diagnosis!], and they replaced
the cat under federal warranty, they decided that they should replace
the muffler too, as pieces of the cat could be lodged in there. Well, if
you have been paying attention, you'll know what they found. The muffler
was jammed full of corn, some of it was even popped!

So, the advice about cleaning away dead leaves, brush, whatever is very

There was another instance where the little critters built a nest on top
of the intake manifold of this same car, that was last winter.

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