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Re: [Fwd: Euro-PTrain: 93 Audi Audi 90, Differential]

> 1993 Audi Audi 90 2.8 L
> Trans:         Standard
> Mileage:       123,000 kilometers
> VIN:           NAUCJ08C7PA004525
> Misc Data:     4WD
> ____________________________________________________________
> Hi Group, When rear wheel drive is selected the vaccuum
> actuator is activated, the ABS off light comes on and the
> rear diff indicator light comes on, around 40-50kph first
> the selector button light goes out, than a few seconds
> later the diff indicator goes out and the drive is
> disengaged. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Please
> also forward responses to automegalr@aol.com

Looks like a description of normal operation of a rear differential
lock on a Torsen manual shift car, written by someone who doesn't
understand what's happening.

The button doesn't "select rear wheel drive" - there is no such
operation on any Audi.  What it _does_ do is lock the rear differential.
This automatically disengages ABS, and this is supposed to happen.

The controller also receives road speed information, and automatically
unlocks the rear differential at around 40kph (25mph).  This then
restores normal ABS operation.

See the owner's manual.

 Phil Payne
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