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Re: 200tq tires leaking!!!!

"mike jones" <depolom68@hotmail.com> wrote:

>I put new tires on my 89' 200tq about three months ago. I have gone on
>vacation twice since then for a week each time. Both times I've returned
>to find the two front tires flat!!!! The first time the back tire was
>alomost flat as well. I can't figure this out. I can drive the car
>everyday and don't seem to lose any air. If I leave it sit I'm sure they
>would all be flat within a week and a half. I've examined the tires and
>there doesn't seem to be any nails or anything of the sort in them. Any
>help anyone could give me I'd really appreciate. I'm planning on making
>a very long trip in about a week and I'm worried about the situation.

Either someone's playing a trick on you by letting the tyres down in your
absence, or your wheels' protective coating has lifted, allowing air out
underneath. A very common ailment with aging alloys. Have the tyres taken
off, the rims cleaned and treated with some kind of rust prevention and the
tyres reinstalled, and it won't happen again for some time.



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