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Re: Is the cold air from center vents "normal" on a 4k?

And here I thought they did this just for me... It's one of the little
features I like best about the Audis I've owned.  It doesn't guess about
what I want; it lets me put the air that I want where I want it.  I
*hate* cars whose climate-control systems think they know what I want. 
I *know* what I want, dammit, just let me *do* it.

Today, for instance: it's frosty on the cars, but I'm still warm and
damp from my shower.  So I get into the Audi, turn on the defrosters and
let the windows start clearing as warm air hits them.  This heats me up,
fogging up the windows worse, so I pop the center vents, point 'em at my
face, and cool off immediately.  Windows are clear, driver's
comfortable, it's time to rock and roll, reaching the heady speed of
almost 37 miles per hour on the packed Silicon Valley freeway system. 

Obligatory winter-in-California quote: 

"Dad, are there really such things as snowflakes?" -- my nearly
8-year-old daughter, watching a Christmas special.

--Scott Fisher
  Sunnyvale, CA