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Re: KG Engine specs

In message <19981211015042.A7711@ms.unimelb.edu.au> Tony Guttmann writes:

> > > The car has a (presumably non-original) KG engine, and the local
> > > authorities want to subject it to a $2500 emission test, unless
> > > he can provide some provenance. Audi (Australia) are, as usual,
> > > totally unhelpful (their web site says "Don't ask us about specs.")

> > I can imagine.  If I were 'the aurthorities', I'd want to take a damn
> > long look at it, too.

> Thanks for that - you don't work for Audi Australia by any chance?

No.  An ur-quattro may legitimately have a WR engine (Europe, no
emission controls, to 1987), a WX engine (same thing with emission
controls, mostly USA), a KW engine (Sport), a GV engine (WX for Sweden
and Switzerland), an MB engine (MC without emission controls) or an RR
engine (3b 20V adaptation).  Some WRs and/or WXs have aluminium blocks.

Anything else is non-standard, and implies a degree of engineering
competence - hence my remark.  You were partially right about black
ur-quattros, since it's very uncommon in early cars.

I suspect you don't have an ur-quattro.  Post the VIN and we'll know.

 Phil Payne
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