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Re: '93 90CS Questions for all the experts out there (long)

Andrew Duane USG wrote:
> Hairy green toads from Mars made Jason A Whyte say:

> > 2.  My car (72k on it) recently received a tune-up, but it's hesitating
> > a bit in the mornings when it's cold (here in Houston, cold is 48).  It
> > clears up in minutes, but there's definitely something wrong.
> > Suggestions?
> Reset the CO mixture. My 100Q did this until I reset it according
> to Bentley. If you do it with the hoses connected (or is it not
> connected?) in defiance of proper procedure, you get this symptom.

I don't think is is an option on 1993- V6s. Sometime early in that year,
they deleted the CO adjustment on the MAF sensor and replaced it with
adaptation logic in the ECU.

So, on these motors there are _no_ mechanical adjustments: no idle speed
screw, no CO potentiometer, no timing adjustment...

1993 90CS 5spd 71k miles