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Lost your infrared remote key use your Palm Pilot (no Audi)

I think I might try this on an S6.  Saw the Woody Allen Movie:  Celebrity.
Joe Montegna drives an A8 in the movie that takes place in NY.

Nathan Belo
'88 90Q

Using Palm Pilots to Steal Cars

This week the U.K.'s New Scientist reports that computer journalist Lars
Sorensen has discovered a technique for using the infrared port on the new
generation of Palm Pilots to break into cars with infrared remote keyless
entry systems. The Palm Pilot apparently has software that records the
infrared signals from TV and video remote controls, so that you can turn
your PDA into a universal remote for all your home entertainment
gadgets. According to New Scientist, Sorensen successfully used the same
system and software to record the infrared signal from a friend's car
remote,                      enabling him to enter the car and disable its

Salon's Janelle Brown followed up the story stateside, and secured this
less-than-reassuring quote from Palm PR manager Elizabeth Cardinale:
"We aren't responsible for third-party applications, though we think it's
unfortunate that our product is being used for an illegal use  [But] there
might be a good thing that will come of this. Say someone wanted to have
the key to their car code stored in their Palm Pilot, just in case they
forget                      their keys."

Neither Brown nor New Scientist reporter Duncan Graham-Rowe reported
any auto theft by PDA, but can it be far behind?

Palmtop Plunder
New Scientist

Palm Pilot-Assisted Auto theft
Salon Magazine