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RE: more O2 sensor babble...

... where is the O2 sensor located on your car?  I've done so many different
ones that I can't seem to remember exactly.  If it is mounted on the turbo
outlet flange on the downpipe I would tend to agree with your mechanic ...
AAMOF that is where the 1-wire OXS is mounted on the ur-q.  When I bought
the 4kSQ I thought the engine didn't run very well ... I found that in this
case the OXS is mounted on the front of the cat, and someone had swapped a
1-wire in place of the 3-wire.  Well, that thing isn't going to get warm
enough to work!  I put a universal 3-wire in there and now it is just fine!

All that said, the ECU on the MC is going to try to switch to closed loop
sooner than the one on the QTC ... because of the fact that it is expecting
a heated sensor.  You may want to monitor how the engine runs as it is
warming up to see if the warm-up performance is affected.  

My personal choice is to go with the universal 3-wire ... I think I get mine
from GPR for about $60 a pop.  You can splice the heater wires as well as
the sensor wire ... works great!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> ----------
> With Scott Justusson's (QSHIPQ) reminder post regarding faulty O2 sensors.
> I
> am told by the local parts place that the one wahr version should be just
> fine, that the heater only effects the sensor's ability to warm up quick.
> Can
> anyone confirm or deny this rumor? Anyone know the best (read cheapest, I
> can
> splice wahrs) source for a generic 3 wahr one? TIA