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Re: 86 4kq dies while moving

Thanks to all that gave me suggestions about this problem. Several of you
were right on target - it was the fuel pump relay. I had relayed this to
the service writer but he had originally resisted the idea. Today he
called to say that they replaced the fuel pump relay and the problem
disappeared. Reinstallation of the old fuel pump relay resulted in the
car dying - once the relay got warm. I'm happy to get my car back. This
is a terrific list - thanks once again.

On Thu, 3 Dec 1998 11:36:55 -0800 drmarino@juno.com writes:
>My 86 4kq developed a problem of dying as I was driving. This happened 
>the last 3 times I drove it. It has been at the dealer's repair shop 
>for almost a week and they tell me they can't find the problem. At 
>first they had run it on a lift for several hours without the engine 
>quiting. Then they test drove it for well over 1/2 hours and still no 
>problem. Finally, it did stall out on a test drive. They cannot as yet 
>find the problem because it is intermittent. The car has 234+ k miles 
>on it and has been serviced faithfully on schedule by the same dealer. 
>No one else ever worked on the car. The service writer told me the car 
>runs very well with no signs of any problems - except of course when 
>it dies. When it quits it may or may not start up right away.
>I realize no one can give me an answer to this problem. However, if 
>anyone has had the same problem and discovered the solution I would 
>greatly appreciate hearing from you. Obviously, I can go the route of 
>replacing parts one by one but that can be very costly as well as 
>frustrating.  Also, it is very dangerous to drive the car in this 
>condition since it just dies without any warning whatsoever (e.g. no 
>vibration, engine cough, etc.).
>Thanks in advance for any insights.
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