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Re: 85 Coupe Odo and ISV

Just personal expeience but if an ISV works sometimes it works periods
they rarely go bad(out of my 10 i-5's) and many others I have worked on
I have never had to replace one... Cleaning them helps though....
try tapping on it with a screwdrivers while it is surging (hard)
if it stops clean the thing... 
But surging I would check for vacuum leaks and possible CO out of
adjustment do NOT replace o2 sensor unless if you disconnect it it 
goes away...

Rich Andrews
> I finally managed to fix the odometer on my 85 Coupe.  Thanks to everyone who
> contributed to that.  Lots of patience, a headlamp, and some superglue did the
> trick in the end.
> Now I want to tackle the idle surge problem.  I don't think it's the O2
> sensor, because it only surges when the engine is warm.  I called The Parts
> Connection today and a new ISV is $152!!!  Does anyone have one to sell at a
> better price than that?  Or is there a way to rebuild or clean out the old one
> if it's not working?  I am up for suggestions.  
> TIA,
> Mike
> 85 CGT w/ 3 miles on new odometer!!