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Re: Starter Going Bad

Hi Rich:

Just did the starter on mine a few months ago.  If you can assemble a
childs tricycle, you can do this.  Before starting work, DISCONNECT THE
BATTERY.  If you don't, you will touch the live battery cable with a wrench
and short circuit something with the attending sparks, etc.  Guaranteed to
scare the yell out of you.

Jack up the car and put it safely on jackstands.

The bottom bolt is easy, I believe it is a 19mm on both ends.  When you get
that out, the top bolt is easiest if approached from the side, coming in
from the wheel.  There is no easy way to explain it, but you can stick your
arm in the hole above the subframe with a rachet to get at it.  Remember,
don't go up from the bottom, go in from the side.  It may take a while, but
then you'll say "Oh, I see now."  Pop the old one out and the new one in.
Re connect your electrics, and hit the starter.  Should turn very robustly.
NOTE: If you hit the key after re connecting the battery and nothing
happens, pull the small wire off the one spade lug on the solenoid and plug
it into the other (there are two spade lug connections).  

Do not try to just do the solenoid, it's false economy. You know what will
happen: replace the solenoid this week, then the starter windings will give
up next week. Buy a rebuilt Bosch starter with a new solenoid for about
$120.00 from Pep Boys or another chain.  The ones from Pep Boys come with
lifetime warranty, too.

Good Luck!

-Steve Jensen
87 5KCSTQ 

At 08:28 PM 12/10/98, you wrote:
>Hello Q listers, Can you tell me how difficult it is to change the starter
on a
>86 5KS?  It is probably the original with 185K on it. It seems there are
two bolts but
>one is "hidden" and probably reachable with a long extension.  Can I just
change the
>solenoid or the entire thing.  The starter seems to "unlatch" while
starting once every
>3-4 starts. TIA.
>Rich Romero