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Re: Check Engine Light Hell.....

mike jones wrote:

> MAC11 ECU  CODE 2142
> I've been randomly replacing parts.......All one of the parts I've
> randomly replaced has been the knock sensor. I did this after I tested
> the leads, the torque, and cleaned the block where it is attached with
> no success.
> Mike
> >
> >Randomly replacing parts is not the right way to fix this.
> >You need to dump the ECU's fault code to determine what's going on.
> >The procedure has been posted to this list numerous times...
> >
> >-Ti
> >96 A4 2.8 quattro
> >84 5000S 2.1 turbo
> >80 4000 2.0

Try to get your hands on a Snap-On scanner.  Even though Snap-On has been

telling me it won't work, I've been able to trace every single problem in
98.5 A4 running their "import" module.  Surprising the scanner has been
specific about what is wrong.

Best of luck,
98.5 A4 2.0tq