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Check Engine Light Hell.....


I am totally confused. I bought my 89' 200tq two years ago and the check 
engine light has been coming on that entire time.....


	Since I haven't seen the car, I am making assumptions.  I have an '87 TQ that
did the same thing.  There is an air temp sensor in the intercooler.  It
checks the incoming air temp and retards timing if the air gets too hot.  If
it is not putting out a signal, the ecu ASSUMES the air is too hot and goes to
max retard for the engine.  That, in turn, lights the "check engine" light.
	What I found on my car was that one of the leads to the sensor had been
knocked off.  I resoldered it and the problem was solved.  (I also bought a
backup temp sensor ahead of time in case the soldering damaged the one on the
	The symptoms were exactly the same as you described, but that doesn't really
mean much 'cause we're dealing with Audis.  Audis are very capable of
producing similar symptoms from several very different causes.
	But, it's a guess.