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New tires.. p600 m-s

Today I am getting a set of Pirelli P600 15-60-205 for my 87 5kcsqw.
The local discount tire has a deal on them.  The deal is they mark up
the tires $6.00 each then, when you buy three you get the fourth free!
Whoopee!  So I figure I'm still saving about 30+ bucks ,or free mounting
and balance.
Oh and by the way  the Winston Winner tires which have 60% left on the
tread, are garbage!!
I guess they are made by Cooper.  They pull, wiggle the steering wheel,
and shudder at high speed, so I will be glad when I can take a freeway
on ramp at full speed, and finally see what all that $$$$ I put into
suspension will give me!

Dan Hamren
1987 5kcsqw    AKA  Stabb'in Cabin
Mach Schnell