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RE: 4000 turbo conversion advice

Chris said;

> Hello fellow Q-listers,
> Ive got a couple of friends that think its just too much time and money
> for
> a daily driver, and are steering me toward a 16v, turbocharged, Special
> Performance Group Car that is made in sweden by a company that makes
> airplanes, if you know what I am talking about. They assure me that with a
> couple minor tweaks, I could easily be in the 230-250 hp range, and not
> have to convert any motors or anything else to do this. Buy it, and drive
> it.
> Being a married man, time is very precious to me, so I'm leaning toward
> thier suggestion. But, I just wanted a little input from the q-list people
> first.
All the 4kq guys will tell you that the 4kq is like a quattro go-kart.  VERY
fun to drive (I drive Mike's while he works on my car on occasion).  The
handling is great.  A turbo 4kq would really be nice (w/the MC motor.  If
you have an older turbo motor, buy an Ur-q instead).  I'd rather have an 85
- 87 turbo 4kq (w/MC motor) than an Ur-q (too bad we didn't get the MB

I am married like you and don't have much time, so a turbo 4kq project is
out of the question.  However, I love Audi's.  I have a modified 88 5kcstq,
faster than most Saab's, and it has quattro handling.  If you don't have
time for the 4kq turbo conversion, buy one of these.  They are fast, easy to
tweek (to 230hp, extremely easy), handle great, and big enough for a family

If you don't particularly love Audi's, then get whatever.  Saab, Toyota
turbo alltrac, mr2, etc, etc...

If you love Audi's, don't leave the fold.  You will be back anyway, and
think of all the time you wasted driving a Saab.

Gary Lewis 
88 5kcstq 1.8 bar 108km Pearl w/Fuchs, K24 turbo
TransGlobal Financial  (818) 384-7600
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