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Strange Electrical Problems

(84 5000S) Just looking for more insight into this problem which I first
posted about a month ago... and it's getting damn cold over here!

Anyways, I got the car and it was missing fuse #4-- the one that controls
the "reading lights, clock, trung light, cig lighter, dome light.......etc.
etc. It also was missing the #17 fuse-- heater blower, ar conditioner... and
had a 10 A fuse in the #14 spot-- license plate light, ac panel...

I replaced them all with the proper fuses, and my climate control started
working, which it didn't before. However, after driving for around an hour
or so, the car suddenly shut off and wouldn't start again. I then removed
both fuses and *presto* it started. The fuses did not blow.

So, I have both out, meaning that I am completely without all of those

Please offer some insight!


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