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WTB 4KQ pass seat base.

WTB - depth adjustable seat base for the passenger side of 1986 
4KQ. In all US 4KQ's I have seen, only the drivers side seat has the 
depth adjustment for the lap. My previous car, 1978 S model 
Scirocco, had this adjustment in both seats. I would imagine the 82-
88 series Scirocco also had this adjustment, but I do not know if the 
seat rails are adaptable to an '86 4KQ. It seems the sure bet would 
be out of an '85 - '87 UrQ - if it has this depth adjustment feature. 
But alas, us Yanks got precious few of those. What do you say Phil 
P? Graham T.? Jim H? Does the UrQ have the passenger side seat 
depth adjustment? Would it be difficult to find a scrapped seat with a 
servicable base?


Craig Lebakken
1986 4KQ