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Re: Strange Electrical Problems

 "Jeffo" <jeffo@direct.ca> writes:

>I replaced them all with the proper fuses, and my climate control 
>started working, which it didn't before. However, after driving 
>for around an hour or so, the car suddenly shut off and wouldn't 
start again. I then removed both fuses and *presto* it started. 
The fuses did not blow.

The first place I'd start looking is the fusebox itself.  Pry it
up a few inches and take a good look underneath, you may find 
powdery residue and green buses, inspect carefully. A mirror 
might be useful. If it looks like it's corroded, the fusebox 
is relatively easy to pull out for a full inspection.  I only
cured the electrical gremlins (well Contained them as you never 
really cure them all in the 5K) when I replaced the fusebox
with one I got off a lister from salt-free Wyoming. Team 
doorhandle was in charge of "Fusebox Location" it seems. I 
guess it never rains nor do the leaves fall from the trees
at Inglostadt.



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