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5kcstq secondary coolant pump repair?

While getting ready to flush the coolant and replace the upper radiator
hose, I decided to take a look at my secondary coolant pump. Turns out
that the shaft will not turn, even after disassembly. I stupidly broke
one of the four impeller vanes off, while pushing on it to try to get it
the impeller to turn. I didn't see any way to dissassemble the pump
housing and find out what's really wrong.

>From what I can see, the electrical half of the motor looks fine, though
I don't know for sure. So if I had a new pump to put on the motor, it
might work fine again.

Is the pump the half the normally goes bad, and is it in this same
failure mode, i.e. seized shaft, not owner-broken impeller? If the pump
half is usually not what breaks, I might try to find a good pump half on
another one, at a junkyard. I'm aware that general wisdom recommends
against buying a used secondary coolant pump, so if it's because of the
pump side failing, I'll just buy a new one. Hmm, TPC had a sale on them
a while ago, didn't they... rats.


- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 151k