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Re: 90' V8 Brake light moody

I drove around on a bad bomb for a long time in my 89 200q. I had a few
very dangerous situations develop because of the bad bomb. The last
straw was when I tried to stop for two deer crossing the road (late at
night) and the car sailed right past them (emergency braking ate up all
the boost pressure from the pump), luckily missing them. 

I didn't notice the difference immediately after replacement. The car
felt the same to me.. until I had to make a real panic stop. It actually
stopped! Now this was before the brake overhaul (of last month..). 
The car now stops better than my mother's 96 A6q (36K miles). I've been
driving the two Audis back to back since Thanksgiving (she's out of
town..and left me the car), and my 200q has much better braking ability
and yes, better feel after the overhaul. 

Get the bomb replaced if it is bad, then attend to other needs in the
braking system. Stopping is just as important, if not more important,
then everything else. 

89 200q