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FS 4KQ - headlight cover '90 CQ

Hi all, 

The '87 4KQ is available since my '90 CQ is on the road.  I am 
looking for around $2300.  It is silver, 137K, am/fm CD, power 
everything and 5 speed.  It is in decent shape.  I got an offer for 
$1800 and think it is a bit low.  Any listers interested before I 
offer it to general public?  

Secondly, I have some questions for you quattro experts.  Do they 
sell headlight covers for a '90 CQ?  I like covers because they offer 
protection and is cheaper to replace than the whole lense assembly.  
I learned that from my '87 4KQ and my '72 2002tii during a driver 
school on the track.  Also, my temperature gauge is not working all 
the time.  It stays cold and I would see it less than half way 
sometimes but would drop back to cold again.  Bad connection?  I 
don't have manual, where should I check first?  Next item is the 
washer fluid container, I added fluid to the container(the one closer 
to the engine fire wall) only to see the fluid leak out and the low 
washer fliud indicator appears on the autocheck.  How do I remove the 
bottom engine cover to see if I have a cracked bottle?  If it is 
cracked, where can I get a replacement and cost?  Lastly, I hear the 
cooling fan turns on all the time, is it normal?  I hope I am not 
over heating.  TIA

'90 CQ
'72 2002tii