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Fiche question

Hi all,

A rather strange question: what do Audi and VW use fiches for? Are they
parts lists or repair manuals?

The reason for asking is that I've just been given several VW/Audi fiches,
and I don't own a reader. I'd like to determine their usefulness, and if
it's a good idea to buy a reader. If you own a Bentley and a Haynes, are
the fiches really useful?

The fiches I have are marked:

Transporter syncro mod 97->
Lupo mod 99 (how's that for up-to-date info?)
Polo mod 95->
Polo Classic/Variant mod 97->
Autoplus pricing VW/Audi parts
Audi 80/90 quattro mod 85-87
Audi A6/S6/Avant quattro mod 96
Passat mod <-77
Scirocco/Golf cabrio mod 74-83
Audi A3 mod 97->
Audi 80/Avant quattro mod 92-94
Caddy pickup mod 97->
Caddy Kombi/Kastenwagen mod 96->
Campmobile mod 80-91
Audi A6/Avant mod 97
Golf Variant/Vento mod 97->