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Re: 4000 turbo conversion advice


>     THe 4k turbo Quattro is a couple hundred pounds lighter.

Only the stock 4kq is lighter by 200 lbs.The turbo motor adds weight: turbo,
exhaust (extra bits), oil cooler, intercooler etc.

By removing air conditioning and changing bumpers to Euro you could get the
Ur-q to weigh as much as the stock 4kq.  Look at the Euro specks I posted
from the Euro Ur-q test drives.
There it weighs ~2800lbs which is exactly as much as a stock US 4kq!


Martin Pajak


1982 Audi Coupe Turbo (475,000 km) for sale
1982 Audi Coupe Quattro (155,000 km) Rally car
1983 Audi Ur-quattro (220,000 km)
1986 Audi 4000 S Quattro (370,000 km) with 5 bolt pattern

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