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Re: 5kcstq coolant capacity?

89 specs call for 7.4 quarts regardless of engine NF or MC.  That's where
my post of this morning about coolant hose hose came from - the short ~4",
3/4" diameter hose coming out of thermostat housing and connects to the
metal portion of heater core hose.  Since I was replacing that hose anyway,
it came off before the upper heater hose.  When I took off upper hose,
nothing came out.  After everything was hooked back up, it took a bit less
than 8 quarts.
MJ Murphy

Wallace White wrote:
> How much coolant does a 5kcstq hold? The Bentley never talks about
> capacity per se but does list quantities needed for a given
> concentration, and they add up to 16.8 US pints, or a little over 2
> gallons (7-1/2 liters or so).
> I've drained and filled the system a couple of times now as directed by
> the Bentley, removing the cap, disconnecting the heater hose at the
> block (the hose with the heater valve in it, right?), and removing the
> lower radiator hose. Each time, it takes about 8 pints--1/2 of what I
> expect--to refill it. What gives?
> - Wallace
>   '87 5kcstq 151k