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Re: Why Was That?!

At 01:19 AM 12/13/98 -0800, you wrote:

>All the Japanese GT cars had turbo powerplants at the
>time, and so did a bunch of American "wanna-be" GT's.  For God's sake,
>they gave the Colt a Turbo!  Does anybody know why?  

Yup, and they (the ubiquitous "they") also gave us the following wonders:

- Chrysler minivans with a turbo four option
- Chevy Chevettes with a diesel option (hey, zero to sixty in a week or so)
- The Turbo Trans Am (a slug by any other name)

Let's face it, the turbo was the way to go in the mid eighties.  Then the
car companies discovered many people don't follow the service
recommendations, and many poorly designed applications gave the reliability
of a $2.00 watch.  

Besides, the 4000 with a turbo probably would have eaten into the sales of
5KT and 5KTQ's.

-Steve Jensen
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