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Re: 3B owners -- check your hoses!

Wolff wrote:

> I rerouted the bypass control hose around the perimeter of the engine
> bay so it wouldn't melt again.

I rerouted it above the heat shield, so that it wouldn't be quite as close
to the outlet end of the turbocharger.  Your method sounds even safer.

> Note: the bypass valve was also shot, so yours may have been
> as well.  Stalling when slowing down and pushing in the clutch can be a
> symptom of a non-functional 3B bypass valve.

Brilliant mechanic that I am, I replaced the $40 bypass valve *before*
checking the hose :-(  Oh, well.

I found out that a local chain store (Monument Auto Parts) carries exact
replacement hose (made in der Vaterland, even): the length I needed cost
$5.75.  Right up there with the cheapest fixes I've done ..

And fix it it did.  (Brett reported it made no difference in his car). Car
pulls to 1.7 quite easily now, though I haven't yet seen 1.8 (I only rarely
saw it before).  Before the hose replacement, it had a hard time making it
to 1.6 bar.