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RE:Radiator troubles

Wayne asked:

	<I was returning from the airport the other night when the temp.
gauge on my
	<'89 200Q started to rise rapidly; then the warning symbol came on.
I pulled
	<into the next gas station I passed and threw open the hood. I
quickly found
	<out that the ends of my radiator were plastic and that the upper
hose outlet
	<had broken off. Does anyone know of a source for all metal
radiators? If not I
	<guess it would be OK to replace it with a similar one as it lasted
nine years.

Had the same thing happen about 6 months ago. I still had about 1 to 1.25
inches of the plastic fitting left so I put double hose clamps (2 hose
clamps side by side) on it and it was holding up fine but I was paranoid
about it lettting go.  

I repaired it by using a copper fitting from the local ACE Hardware that fit
the inside diameter. If memory serves me it was a 3/4 to 1 inch adapter. The
3/4 inch end fits nicely in the inside diameter and the flared 1 inch end is
almost the size of the ID of the hose.  I then used JB Weld to bond the
copper fitting into the radiator fitting with the broken off piece in place.
I cleaned the ID of the rad. fitting real good by lightly sanding with 200
grit and cleaning with alcohol.  Same with the copper fitting.  

There was some Q-list response that the JB Weld would not hold up to the
heat and antifreeze but it has been about 4 months now with no problems. I
may take the hose off soon to inspect how well it is holding up. If it is
holding up fine I may do my lower hose just to prolong its life. I still
have double hose clamps and even have one safety wired to prevent it from
coming loose.

	<Another problem I have been having is that until my engine gets
warmed up
	<(approx. 10 miles or 10 minutes) the engine idles rough and around
400 r.p.m.
	<Once it warms up it seems to be fine. Any ideas?

Not sure if your car is Motronic or CIS? If CIS could be the ISV valve,
temperature sender, or maybe warm up regulator (control pressure).   Have to
check fuel system pressures while cold to check warm up reg.

	<Last of all does anyone have a passengers side headlight in good
	<they would sell and does anyone have a bad bomb I could use for
	<Please e-mail me on these two items privately at clarall@aol.com to
	<wasting bandwidth.

I too am looking for a bomb. My local junkyard says I can pull my own for
$10 or they have used ones for $50. I can probably get you one for my cost -
let me know.  Do you know if it is the same P/N as the 87 5KTQ?

87 5KTQ
80 911 Targa