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Re: Thanks for the Audi Help

No, Audi never made a turbo CGT.  GRRR!!!  That comes from my other
thread:  why didn't they ever make one?  >Sigh!<  On the insurance
question:  full coverage for me, as a 21 year old jointly under my
parents' account, with a "spotless" driving record in sue-happy
California was about $80/month.  This was with my `82 Coupe listed as a
"Luxury Sports Coupe".  What were they smoking?!  [8^)  But this varies
greatly from state-to-state, mileage driven, age of the driver and the
vehicle, and add-on saftey/theft deterrances.  So check with your
insurance carrier!  Gas mileage is around 25mpg, if the car is in great
shape and driven "conservatively."  I paid no more than $2,000 for either
of my Coupes.  I believe the top-end of the scale, for a 1987.5 CGT in
pristine condition, was less than $4,000.  Modifications for the Coupes
are few and far between, sadly.  She's the red-headed stepchild of the
Audi family.  Basically, you have wheel, suspension, filter, and (if
you're really hardcore) body upgrades for this car.  Anything else is
going to be exotic and costly.  But on the bright side:  they have
bullet-proof engines and trannys.  And you won't have to conform to all
the Scirocco people.  Sorry once again for being a downer.

Love, Like, or Just Plain Tolerate,


`86 CGT
`82 Coupe (R.I.P.)

On Sun, 13 Dec 1998 17:29:53 EST BOSS3854@aol.com writes:
> Okay i have narrowed my choices down to a Coupe GT(do they have turbo 
>or no?) or a 4k quattro, i've also been looking at used Saabs(the SPG 
>900 turbo, but they don't have 4-wheel drive available).
>What can you tell me about the 4k Quattro and Coupe GT, such as 
>insurance, gas
>mileage, typical used car price, costs per year, companies that have
>modifications and what kind of modifications.
>Thanks for your help everyone