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RE: 4000 turbo conversion advice

I'm probably the culprit that did the most to perpetuate this false myth.
Confusion stemmed from the '84 4kq's short gears in the tranny compared to
those of the later cars. Comparing the published gear ratios of those cars
to the observed mph/1000rpm numbers in the later cars make it appear that a
3.89 with 3.60,2.13,1.46,1.07,.78 are correct. Nope. Chris Semple reported
that he had counted the teeth on an '87 4kq ring and pinion and found the
gears were indeed the 4:11. In a strange moment of arrogance I countered
this suggesting extensive highway testing had convinced me that the correct
gears were 3.98. More humble now, after having counted 4+ turns of the
driveshaft to one full turn of the wheel, I can confirm that my '87 special
build is indeed equipped with 4:11 gears.


> 	Uhh, I thought the list consensus was that many later 4kq's had
> 3.89's.  I believe someone even counted the teeth on theirs
> to confirm but
> I could be wrong.  And I thought all US UR-Q's had 3.89.