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Re: My UrQ can beat up your 4kqtsleipoins or whatever it is.....hehe

In message <199812140736.CAA21723@coimbra.ans.net> _NOT_ Michael Williams writes:

>>>   ALL 4ksq have 4:11's BTW. And what about an UrQ with 4:11's?

Microfiche D 000.5147.60.00 5-Gang Schaltgetriebe 016 Allrad.

Frame 00-5 shows the differential geared at 35:9 (3.89) and fifth gear
as 38:26.

Frame 00-6 gives speed per 1000rpm as 38km/h

Frame 00-9 shows how the calculations are done, but uses 37:9 (4.11) for
the rear differential and 35:29 for fifth gear.  Therefore, says frame
00-10, speed per 1000rpm is 32km/h.

I suspect the "4.11 in ur-quattros" story might come from this example
rather than from the specification tables.

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