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I have gone through 2 now.  I am on my 3rd. I saw the ones at Wall Mart
and avoided them for some reason.  I had 2 sears one and athe 3 ton
lasted but I had problems with the bolt cutout in the handle where the
nut fits that sets it to raise or lower kept stripping so I upgrade to
3.5 ton.  Speed Lift Capability.  90 lbs.  Huge and Nice.  Lasted a week
before problems started with seals.  Full of fluid and wouldn't lift
more than aabout 1/8 or 1/4 inch per stroke and wont go all the way up.
    No thanks to SEars great return policy and waranty I have Sears 6
ton Jack stands and some Money Back. Went ot Costco and got a 3-Ton
All Trade for $70.   Weighs like 110 lbs.  VERY hefty.  Not a Speed Lift
but once the bucket touches lift point on A6 front tires are off ground
in like 3-4 pumps.  Not bad.  Fastest yes.  Only had one Week.  Will use
to drop engine soon so we'll see.
    So, I feel your pain.  Thank God for Warranties.   I cant afford a
$300 jack if anyone asks. :-)    THre are cheap ones that last (Friends
SHop had a NASCAR?  Gimmick Jack that lasted 2 years in a SHOP before
getting stolen that they bought for $120 at Costco but they didn't have
any more)  My Alltrade had same paint Job though so I'm thinking same
manufacturer but cheaper without name and Speed Lift thing.