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Re: S6


In order to spend LESS than $24K on a lo-mi. S6, you're really gonna have to
do a LOT of homework and also wander South, where Quattro does not have the
allure it does in the snow belt.

As a case in point, last summer I picked up my 1992 urS4 with 46K mi. for less
than $19K (including extended warranty...and this was at an Audi *dealership*)
here in Miami.

I'm in a similar boat to you, as I'd like to add a 95 S6 to the stable and
yield the S4 to my wife (a darling woman who LIKES driving stick).

Which reminds me...what IS the difference between the 94-95 S6 and the 95 S6?

-Joe in SoFla
1992 urS4, ~49K mi.