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Warning about using 235/40-17 SP-8000s on an Ur-Q... (or just about ANY car.)

Just before bolting a set of 17" x 7.5" Borbets with 225/45/17 RE71s I
installed the somewhat unflattering to some mudflaps on my A4.

The Toyo Proxes T1 seem to be even wider (!) than the RE71s... and
extends just to the lip of the top of the fender, leaving the lower
panels open for sandblasting.

My MGB has clean fenderwells as well as no paint on the rear panels...
the 5ksq also had some chips just behind the front wheels (rear
bumpers were enough to prevent chipping).

I've seem some autox cars w/ Hoosiers that had no paint behind the

I'm sure 3M has stonegard the can cover the panels without the use of

Jason Palmer
97 A4 1.8Tq mtm (Autobahn guards)
88 GTi (factory fender flares)
80 MGB DSP (Duct tape)

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