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Todd Phenneger wrote:

> I have gone through 2 now.  I am on my 3rd. I saw the ones at Wall Mart
> and avoided them for some reason.  I had 2 sears one and athe 3 ton
> lasted but I had problems with the bolt cutout in the handle where the
> nut fits that sets it to raise or lower kept stripping so I upgrade to
> 3.5 ton.  Speed Lift Capability.  90 lbs.  Huge and Nice.  Lasted a week
> before problems started with seals.  Full of fluid and wouldn't lift
> more than aabout 1/8 or 1/4 inch per stroke and wont go all the way up.

<snip>I bought a 2 ton floor jack at Target (similar to Walmart, Kmart,
etc) and it worked fine for a year or two, then all of a sudden it wouldn't
lift my truck. Bought some jack hydraulic oil, found the right plug to fill
it through and presto! it worked again. Just recently had to refill it
again, now I know where all that fluid in the carry case is coming from,
out the seals. It's a slow leak that I can live with, and I've always got
my bottle of jack fluid standing by.

I've recently seen some hydraulic scissor jacks, I'm tempted to buy one, as
the wheels on my current jack tend to sink into the pavement until it gets
to the jack body. The base on the scissors jack would not have that

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