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Re: CQ wiper/washer question

> I turn on the lights, and get a
> very quick spray on the lights, and hear a cascading water sound. After
> checking the reservoir, I notice I've lost about half the juice after
> trying three or four times.

What's under the car?  A lot of water?

> Also, has anyone had any experience with this before? It sounds to me like
> I have a substantial leak or disconnected hose in the headlight system. Any
> advice before I start rummaging around in there?

Two choices.

a) the hose at the washer has popped out, you need to pull the bumper
forward and reattach

b) your fluid is not for winter use, and froze in the bottle,
cracking it.  If so, you can repair the bottle with a soldering iron
and some scraps from the bottle that the washer fluid came in.

BTDT on both counts.

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