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Michelin 17/65/15 F83's ????????

Hello All,
A friend of mine just came across a set of Michelin's that are hard to 
describe but they were referred to as tires that said "for comp use 
only"  and of course I had to go and check them out.  Much to my 
delight, these tires were bran new and had a good 1"1/4 of tread on 
them in a Potenza style pattern.  The side wall of the tire was just 
about as stiff as the center of the rest of the tire and I could almost 
sit on the tire (not on a rim) and it could support my weight (205lbs). 
My buddy got them thinking he was going to mount them on his Camaro but 
they were not even half as wide as the tires on his IROC-Z.  My best 
guess is that they are a full out race tire for rally cars or a tire 
for Ice racing.  Any thoughts or has anybody used them before????

Steve Short
Burlington, VT
90' V8  55k
(too many corvairs to list)