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RE: Subject: '93 90 cat recommendation?

Hi all!
Anybody got a good suggestion on what's the best way to go about
replacing a bad cat on a '93 90csq?  My wife's q is making a real
raunchy rattling noise and Scott Mockry confirms that it is the right
side cat.  Anybody BTDT on a reasonably priced, good replacement
approach?  While you are at it, I would appreciate any suggestions for,
again, a reasonably priced good, replacement muffler for the same car.
TIA and happy holidays.
Kent Crossley
Portland, Oregon
'91 200Q
'93 90CSQ

Kent------  Is the cat bad?  I had that rattle in my 87 5kcsqw.  It was
just the heat shield.  If you can weld it back in place, or use a
muffler repair kit to keep it from making noise, then you shouldn't need
to replace it.  Check the codes, they will tell you if you need a new
Dan Hamren
P.S. I ended up replacing it 1 year later, check engine light was on
because of it, and wouldn't pass smog.  Paid $250.00 for the new cat.