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parting out 4kq

I'm going to have to get rid of my crashed 87 4kq. I am in Massachusetts. I
don't really want to get into tearing it apart, but if someone needs stuff,
they are perfectly welcome to come get it. 

 It is hit moderately hard on the RF corner. hood, fender and bumper, grill
etc are dead. All four doors are good, all doorhandles function, but psf is
weak. It is black. Leather is dead. 2 year old headlight switch. All windows
work. Power door lock motor is good. Drivers side headlight, blinker and
reflector are good. Odo is broken. Recent front brake discs. Good rear
muffler, less than 1 year. Taillights are good.  Rear discs off my 84 are
less than 1 year old. 

Did I miss anything?

Also have computer and ins cluster from my 84.