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v8 climate control/also racing fuel

  Well, the V8 is finally running and running well. It may need an
adjustment or an O2 sensor, but it is just awesome.
  Following a thread in the V8 list from some months ago I just put some
non-alcoholic racing fuel in (1 gal- 100 octane), and it stopped the small
hesitation from starting and also gave better throttle response. Actually
as others found out, it gives the car some real zip. 
  The only other problem I have is really minor. The  climate control
works but is miscalibrated. It consistently reads 20 degrees F low for
outside and inside. This means that if I set it for 64 the car winds up at
84 (phew). If I set it to "low" the A/C comes on. If it's 30 outside the
guage says 10. Is there any cheap way to recalibrate this or do I need an
new unit? For the $300 the dealer quoted me it seems more reasonable to
just adjust it manually. Someone else thought it was just a sensor, but
since the inside and outside temps are controlled by different sensors I
find this unlikely.