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Re: 5k hydraulic brakes/leaking rack question

In message <199812141945.TAA22238@specialdevices.com> "Ken Keith" writes:

> Question:  Once the rack is done, is it prone to leak again?
> Is it the age of the seals, or is it the design?  Will it go out again soon, or
> does it take another ten years?

Simple test.  Get the car on a lift with the wheels dangling free.

Take a roadwheel in your hands, holding it at the 9 o'clock and
3 o'clock positions.  Turn it to full lock in both directions.

If the effort required to _leave_ full lock in both direction is the
same, you'll be OK.  If it's much stiffer in one direction than the
other, new seals will not last very long.

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