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re strut tower strangeness 88 non-Q 80

pag@hydrosphere.com (Pete Gotseff) wrote:

While starting work on CV boot replacement I noticed that as I 
jacked the car up and the suspension dropped down the upper 
strut nut and flange dropped down also until it contacted the strut 
tower.  Its like there is about 2cm of play in the upper strut mount, 
same on both sides.  Is there something unusual here or is this 
just the way the 80s are with an unloaded suspension... I dont 
recall ever seeing this in my '81 5+5 or 90 Jetta.

	If your strut bearings were new, the drop would only be about
one-half centimeter.  It seems the weight of the car is the only thing that
actually locates the strut bearing in position.

One more thing ... does right axle shaft removal only require the 
unbolting of the ball joint or does it have to be separated from the 
strut base.  I can't seem to get out the ball joint bolts which hold 
the BJ to the lower control arm - they interfere with the axle shaft.

	If I understood what I was watching while I helped replace my front
bearings last Friday, you unbolt the ball joint from the bearing housing
with one bolt just above it.  The ball joint stays in place thereby
minimizing alignment changes.  You may need also to remove the brake
assembly and a bolt holding the housing to the strut a bit above the ball
joint.  Sorry if these names are vague.

                .... Kirby   (Kirby A. Smith)
                              2 x 1988 90q
                          New Hampshire USA